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[Reading] ➬ The Marriage Debt ➳ Daphne Clair – Vejega.info Shannon S Career As A Film Director Is Gaining Momentum And A New Project Offers The Chance Of Becoming An International Success But The Film Will Need Millions Of Dollars In Funding, And The Only Person Shannon Knows With That Kind Of Money Is Her Estranged Husband Millionaire Devin KeynesDevin Agrees To Fund Shannon S Movie On One Condition That She Give Their Marriage Another Chance She Reluctantly Accepts His Offer But This Is Just The Start Of Devin S Plan After Bribery Comes Seduction Le do el 20 10 20114.5 estrellas 3 Stars Three years ago when Shannon left her husband to go on a film location she just never went home again Devin had never taken her career in film direction seriously and when she d become pregnant he d battled with her to quit her job not understanding that you can t just walk away in the middle of production And then when she miscarried at four months, she felt he blamed her and neither knew how to breach the rift that had come between them Shannon put all her sorrow into her work, something she d learnt from her father, that you just had to suck it up and carry on She s built a respected reputation and has just the right project that could put her on an international level but she doesn t have the experience to get the financial backing Devin is her last resort, but when she approaches him she finds him receptive to providing the backing but there s a catch For the duration of the production, she s to move back in with him as his wife.It s obvious that Devin and Shannon once had a very passionate and committed marriage and that each suffered greatly when the marriage broke down Devin thought Shannon had put her career before him and their unborn baby, and Shannon felt he viewed her career as frivolous and of no value Shannon admits that she had been insecure in her marriage, feeling as if she didn t measure up to his family and friends And Devin realizes he pushed when he should have supported While Shannon remembers her husband as being inflexible, the husband she comes to know now is one who very much wants to be apart of her career and importantly a part of her life This was a lovely reunion love story Didn t like heroineShe really annoyed me You could tell that Devin loved her but she was just so mean I really hated how she kept pushing him away It was frustrating They don t even really make up until the end He was good enough to borrow money from But not good enough for her to keep to her side of the bargain I understood her reluctance somewhat but she went way over the top I am glad it worked out for them He loved her so much I wish we could have seen what happened in the three years they were apart Oh well Just a meh read for me and the heroine just ruined it Hey I liked the epilogue though That s something right this was a good story about 2 people that loved each other but struggled to communicate, lacked faith and were independent strong characters The H is a from a rich family who struck out on his own and made his own name and money The h was poor but made something of herself as a film director.The 2 met, fell in love and married and this story is reunion story H was jealous of wife working with actors and the time she spent home he wanted to coddle her and thought she should stay home and support him and be a good homemaker h wanted to be married but also had her own dreams to follow as a director and wanted her husband to support her in that.She ended up losing a baby and the marriage broke down amid recriminations though they haven t divorced h now needs money to make a film which H will provide if she comes back to him I liked this part of the book as it differs from others with a similar storyline in the fact that h recognises she will be selling herself for money and doesn t want to therefore she goes back to him but refused to be physical with him as she doesn t want to be bought H is very supportive of her this time round and gets involved in career helping her out lots he also appreciates why she didn t want to sell herself and admits he went about it all wrong he was just desperate to have any chance with her I thought this was well written and showed the evolution of the characters and how they had grown and learned to support each other They both realised their past mistakes and compromised for a believable HEA. It s rare, even impossible, to find a HPlandia hero that I could feel sorry for, but this very thing occurred when I read Daphne Clair s The Marriage Debt It was so obvious that he was completely, desperately in love with his estranged wife, and it was all the poignant because he was such a strong, stoic, stiff upper lip and prideful guy but ended up begging and groveling to get his once in a lifetime love back I couldn t help cringeing at how aloof and mean she was to him, even though admittedly, she had cause to resent him I just didn t feel that reciprocal one of a kind, can t live without you love from her, of an infatuation If he hadn t forced himself back into her life, I could have easily seen her move on to a successful and fulfilling career and other relationships I guess Daphne Clair did a clever role reversal in this one by presenting us with a modern, career obsessed, film director h who put herself first and a tortured, besotted H who couldn t move on with his life and was content to endure any treatment by her including being second best to her career, and tolerating an OM if he only could stay in her life.I wouldn t go as far as saying the H was a doormat but she definitely had the upper hand in that relationship.Loved that a potentially catty OW was disposed of within the first few pages and the secondary potential OW turned out to be a complete red herring Cheating and adultery were never an issue between the protagonists If they had only waited a few years before getting married, allowing her to become secure in her career and self worth, and showing him the need to compromise because of the very intense constraints of her non conventional career, they could have skipped over all this angst, but then we wouldn t have a nice, low angst, Harlequin book to sink our teeth into D

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