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The Murder Game PDF Â The Murder  PDF/EPUB or New Game The game is simple he is the Hunter They are the Prey He gives them a chance to escape To run To hide To outsmart him But eventually, he catches them And that s when the game gets really terrifying New RulesPrivate investigator Griffin Powell and FBI agent Nicole Baxter know a lot about serial killers they took one down together But this new killer is as sadistic as they ve ever seen He likes his little games, and he especially likes forcing Nic and Griff to play along Every unsolvable clue, every posed victim, every taunting phone call it s all part of his twisted, elaborate plan And then the Hunter calls, wanting to know if they re really ready to play But Winner Still Kills All There s a new game now, and it s much deadly than the first A brutal psychopath needs a worthy adversary He won t stop until he can hunt the most precious prey of all Nicole And with his partner in a killer s sights, Griff is playing for the biggest stakes of his life

10 thoughts on “The Murder Game

  1. Auntee Auntee says:

    This was a great read, a book I had a hard time putting down it was that riveting for me It had loads of suspense, a really creepy, deranged villain, a brave, kick a heroine, and a smart, lo

  2. jenjn79 jenjn79 says:

    Another good book from Barton Not utterly fantastic five star worthy, but a solid 4 star Which is typical of her books for me I usually enjoy them quite a bit, but they tend to be lackingsomethingto

  3. Christa Christa says:

    After reading about the character, Griffin Powell, in several of Barton s books, I was intrigued and ready to read his story I wasn t disappointed, and found this book to be at least as good as the others I t

  4. Debbie DiFiore Debbie DiFiore says:

    Loved the story There were a couple of things that bothered me though that were just never explained and I wondered why they were even in there I thought for sure the villain had injected a tracking device in her shou

  5. Marisa Marisa says:

    I am not going to die I refuse to give up, to let him win this evil competition. The hunter is looking for prey and when he finds it all bets are off From the very first page you ll be pulled into a deadly game of hunter and h

  6. Moira Moira says:

    Well, I was very excited to try this book I LOVE reading about very smart, psychopathic serial killers who play games and give clues and the even smarter law enforcement detective types who stop them I was, after all, weaned on Sherloc

  7. Mike French Mike French says:

    My first Beverly Barton novel, but definally not my last A real page turner from the get go

  8. Theresa Theresa says:

    Funny how you can think of a two star book as being an improvement, but after Barton s last Griffin Powell book was so awful, this one was surprisingly human Now, don t get me wrong, I d in no way recommend it, but it was an improvement Ironically, it s

  9. Abigail Hedley Abigail Hedley says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I was young when I read this but I remember it captivating me from cover to cover I suspect it was due to the fact the plot was about a serial killer who had no real motive other tha

  10. Amy Phelps Amy Phelps says:

    I really enjoyed this story Yes I know the plot has been used by other writers but it was still a good read A serial killer is kidnapping women forcing them to play a game of cat mouse before he kills them The 2 main characters were awesome They had a previous relationsh

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