The Roads of Taryn MacTavish ePUB ´ of Taryn PDF

The Roads of Taryn MacTavish ePUB ´ of Taryn  PDF The wizard is dead and there is peace in the Valley, but peace doesn t necessarily mean that life gets easier As summer drags on, Taryn MacTavish must find a way to cope with the inevitable changes peace has brought Her baby griffin is growing up, the Dragon born Pathfinders have opened the Roads between Arcadia and Earth, the long exiled Cerosan are returning to their homeland, and Antilles, lord of the Valley of Hoof and Horn, has defied all tradition and asked Taryn to marry him, but perhaps the greatest change is the one growing under her own heart the child conceived by the wizard s markBut while Taryn s new family on Arcadia and her old family from Earth come together in celebration, a new shadow grows, an ancient evil which sends Taryn alone into strange new lands on an impossible quest from which there may well be no returnR Lee Smith s powerhouse erotic series, Lords of Arcadia, continues a dark vision of fantasy and sensual suspense that grips the reader from the first page and doesn t let go Fans of Smith s provocative style will not be disappointed by this return to Arcadia, where life and death, sex and savagery, are often waypoints on THE ROADS OF TARYN MACTAVISH

10 thoughts on “The Roads of Taryn MacTavish

  1. Galateea Galateea says:

    Why did i want her to end up with the Dragon Why OK, i know why.And why do i keep wanting this I am irrecoverable But oh, god, Rhiannon annoyed me for some reason I can t explain it, i really can t, but if she were real, I d probably sl

  2. Saskia Saskia says:

    It had some good bits, but mostly I was annoyed with Taryn who flings herself and her unborn child into danger and the constant whining of Rihannon.

  3. Quinn Quinn says:

    If you ve made it three books in, they re a couple things you have to accept in order to genuinely enjoy this series they are as follows Reverse harems, Taryn s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and to care is to get your lovin on That s about i

  4. Coyora Dokusho Coyora Dokusho says:

    Here, here was the point that I got tired of all the sexual healing XD But honestly, I think I was just reading too many R Lee Smith books at once and needed a change of pace I still really, really, really loved the book Feels, lols, epic cool.

  5. David David says:

    There is no single possible star rating for my complicated feelings about this book.Here s a bar graph showing my enjoyment of the book in tenths Book percentage Star rating 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% As you can see, I loved some of it, but hated much of it

  6. Kara-karina Kara-karina says:

    It started going down in quality We ll see what happens in the fourth book Review soon.

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    The cost it seems is never enough for Taryn and I can t even seem to dislike her.Taryn is a character that I would want to characterize as infantile, naive, impractical and reckless I ve never read about a character who has been raped by gods, ghosts, wizards, dragons pawed on by minotaurs

  8. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I just finished the book last night and my mind is still in the world this morning I m loving my book hangover Arcadia is a character itself and keeps getting larger and larger with each book in the series Just when I think I have this place figured out, it grows just a bitArcadia s inhabitants are

  9. SubterraneanCatalyst SubterraneanCatalyst says:

    4 Stars 3.5 Stars 3 Stars..This book varied between all of these ratings but in the end, I grant it the highest rating because, well, I m writing this directly after finishing When I hit a series that I enjoy so well it is hard for me to stop and write a telling thing or two to describe for any willing to l

  10. Rasa Ievkalne Rasa Ievkalne says:

    Spectacular writing,poor story.Taryn is not the heroine that set out to save the griffin With new set of clothes,came out new,slutty Taryn without moral standarts or even inner conflict about what is right and what is wrong.Author tries really hard to paint her as honorable,sacrificing heroine while reader sees her

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