10 thoughts on “The Swan as Metaphor for Love

  1. Samantha Samantha says:

    Takeaway Swans are the antithesis of love.

  2. Bianca Sy Bianca Sy says:

    Anyone who claims that a swan is a majestic and noble creature has never seen a swan up close.

  3. Brandon Petry Brandon Petry says:

    Quick flash of brillianceThis very short piece is not going to be for everyone but I couldn t stop thinking about it I m glad I was able to find a copy of it so easily when it came up recently in a discussion on

  4. Amanda Alexandre Amanda Alexandre says:

    This short story is so tiny it would probably fit in these review.http joylandmagazine.com regions loI had to read twice to get all the metaphors I expected something HILARIOUS, as Flavorwire claimed, but it is just ha h

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