The Texas Billionaire's Bride MOBI ¸ The Texas eBook

The Texas Billionaire's Bride MOBI ¸ The Texas  eBook As the eldest son of a legendary Texas dynasty, Zane Foley had a legacy to live up to But right now the single dad had a pressing concern finding a nanny for his little girl Melanie Grandy seemed made to order She d already enchanted Zane s daughter and now she was working her magic on the wary widowerTalk about getting the royal treatment The minute Melanie met father and daughter, it was instant love But her Cinderella story came with a secret one she could never reveal or she d lose her chance to be part of a real family Unless Zane was willing to forgive the past for a futurewith her

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    Lectura rapida y sin complicaciones pero poco mas.

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    Melanie Grandy grew up on the wrong side of the tracks She worked her way through school and has made a name for herself as a nanny Now she is given the opportunity to become a nanny to Olivia Foley, the only daughter of Texas businessman Zane Foley The is the opportunity of a lifetime for her Olivia seems to go through nannies rather quickly, so this is a great proving groun

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    Large Print

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