10 thoughts on “The Transcendent Unity of Religions

  1. Tim Tim says:

    Books like this are hard to review as they tread in areas where language simply becomes inadequate Anything that is put on paper doesn t seem to capture it Huston Smith says in the introduction thatthe truth is buried so deep in the human composite that they cannot communicate it, not in any way the majority will find convincing xvSo, we can resort to talking about things

  2. Anonymous Writer Anonymous Writer says:

    The transcendent unity of religions Frithjof Schuon The book s main premise is that all main religions share a common ground This is actually the crux of the school of thought called Perennial Philosophy By analogy, we can take the example of the duality between the platonic world of ideas and the world of appearances the reflection of the ideas the essence of of religions is the

  3. A. A. says:

    Des limites de l expansion religieuseLimits of Religious Expansion ,La Question des formes d artConcerning Forms in Art are excellent chapters This book basically contains most, if not all of Schuon s ideas Most of his later books he doesn t actually write books with a definite purpose, just articles that he compiles either expand and get indetails, as he himself said.I ve read the origin

  4. Alex Kartelias Alex Kartelias says:

    Schuon approaches the perrenial philosophy in two ways by making the distinction between the esoteric and the exoteric form of a religion and by assessing there unity according to pure metaphysics, unlike most by making comparisons And even when making comparisons, they are mostly made according to temperaments and dispositions rather than through their exoteric shell Both of these approaches mak

  5. Giuntina Giuntina says:

    Schuon compares the great religions to spokes in a wheel, all leading to the one center It s hard to imagine aimportant message for our times.

  6. Jared Morningstar Jared Morningstar says:

    In The Transcendent Unity of Religions, Schuon presents the most nuanced, complete, and compelling perspective I have yet to encounter on topics such as the origins and functions of religion Schuon s style is dense albeit very clear for the critical reader, delving deep into the metaphysical aspect of religious reality The Perennialist perspective that Schuon develops here provides a particularly poi...

  7. Comptes Rendus de René Guénon Comptes Rendus de René Guénon says:

    Correspondence from Gu non to Schuon about this book Le Caire, 16 avril 1946Merci pour les envois successifs des chapitres de votre livre, maintenant compl t je le trouve du plus grand int r t, et il aurait t assur ment bien regrettable que vous ne vous d cidiez pas l crire Je ne vois vraiment pas quelles modifications je pourrais vous sugg rer, ni ce qu il pourrait y avoir ajouter ou retrancher je crois que ce qui se r

  8. Ron Krumpos Ron Krumpos says:

    The Transcendent Unity of Religions is one of the books in the primary bibliography of my free ebook on comparative mysticism The greatest achievement in life at suprarational.org gail2012.pdf has been reviewed on Goodreads.Schuon is recognized as an authority on philosophy, spirituality and...

  9. Matti Matti says:

    Master Schuon explains the common transcendent core of all the world s religions Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Shamanism, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, andhave an esoteric core which leads directly to intima...

  10. Sema Dural Sema Dural says:

    H ristiyanl k ta nce sevmek, sonra istemek, sonra da zaman geldi inde bilmek Tanr sevgisiyle ba lant l olarak bilmek gerekir sl m da ise nce bilmek, sonra istemek, sonra da zaman geldi inde sevmek Tanr bilgisiyle ba lant l olarak sevmek gerekmektedir.

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