The Valentine Street Hustle ePUB ✓ The Valentine

The Valentine Street Hustle ePUB ✓ The Valentine The Valentine Street Hustle by Ryanne CoreyALL THE RIGHT MOVESThe minute she walked into his bar, Thomas Murphy knew he was in trouble She was Newport high society, a real class act But she handled a pool stick like a pro, and she had a wicked left hook he could testify to that Yes, sir, Michelle DeMara had all the right moves And she had something else, a hint of troubled innocence that kept him coming back forMichelle was coming to realize that Thomas Alexander Murphy had a few moves of his own This lovable rogue of a saloonkeeper kept turning up in all the wrong places at all the wrong times And no matter what she did, he kept making her feel all the wrong things

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  1. Jan Jan says:

    I liked this one because of its delicious hero and heroine They are both very original characters, and I really liked how utterly intrigued they were by each other, even when they were so different.I also liked how the romance progressed they both alter their dreams a bit to fit each other in, and that s so lovely Although I did feel that Murphy did most of the effort on that front.Who am I kidding, I loved this book from the

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