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Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir PDF ☆ Tomboy: A  eBook Growing up, Liz Prince wasn t a girly girl, dressing in pink tutus or playing pretty princess like the other girls in her neighborhood But she wasn t exactly one of the guys, either She was somewhere in between But with the forces of middle school, high school, parents, friendship, and romance pulling her this way and that, the middle wasn t exactly an easy place to be Tomboy follows award winning author and artist Liz Prince through her early years and explores with humor, honesty, and poignancy what it means to be a girl

10 thoughts on “Tomboy: A Graphic Memoir

  1. Liz Liz says:

    Hello I m an fairly biased reviewer, because I wrote this book, but I figured I d throw my 2 cents in anyhow.I learned a lot from writing this memoir, which is my first full length narrative graphic novel It was a challenge to write a book that spans the first 18 years of my life in a way that is succinct, engaging, and

  2. Emily May Emily May says:

    This may be a graphic novel, but it is also one of the most honest, refreshing, detailed and touching memoirs I have ever read I have one slight complaint and it isn t really a complaint,of a little suggestion as to how this could have been better if a couple of the f bombs had been removed and this became a book we could give t

  3. Raeleen Lemay Raeleen Lemay says:

    GOOD STUFF I m glad I finally picked this up, nearly a year after I purchased it

  4. Whitney Atkinson Whitney Atkinson says:

    I feel like this book waited a little too long to introduce the point moral, because for the entire book Liz has really unhealthy thoughts and she discusses her hatred of women quite often, but never actually addresses that those thoughts were unhealthy until the last pages of the book But overall I really really enjoyed this I thought the narr

  5. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    7 21 17 Reread for my summer YA Graphic Novels class with a focus on girls and women, a memoir for tomboys of all ages and those that make fun of them, too, I guess I liked it eventhis time around 10 17 14 Liz Prince writes this memoir from her younger self s point of view, with her Jeffery Brownish artwork to match, which I like so much I m here to te

  6. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at I was going to say my apologies for this being long and rambly, but I m fairly certain 99.9999% of my reviews have become long and rambly so I m no longer apologizing Strange little storyTomboy popped up on my library recommendations as an option when I had to go on the waiting list for Gracefully Grayson Why the library would recomme

  7. Debbie "DJ" Debbie "DJ" says:

    My first graphic novel While I can t say this is the form I like to read in, it was a compelling look at gender It has to take a lot of talent to write a memoir in such a way In fact, this could have been my memoir, as I related to it so much Liz Prince, while born a girl, does not fit into the typical girl stereotypes Liz is a tomboy, who s first memory is that of ha

  8. Raina Raina says:

    I was at a party this weekend where one of the attendees was talking about this book He said his 10 year old daughter had just read it twice in 24 hours She told him This book is about me, dad I can t wait to read it Read it, loved it.Give it to kids who are into Raina Telgemeier, Roller Girl, Jimmy Gownley and El Deafo , and are ready formature themes and content You know ho

  9. Deborah Markus Deborah Markus says:

    The short review AWWW, YEAH WOOHOO SRSLY I HAZ A HAPPINESS Slightlydetail How do I love thee, Liz Prince Let me count the ways Your drawing is deeply appealing the kind of deceptively casual looking art that clearly takes a lot of thought.Your writing flows with seemingly effortless ease.Your dialogue is utterly authentic.Your story includes all kinds of wonderful detail, but never m

  10. First Second Books First Second Books says:

    I read TOMBOY and adored it It s a very smart and immediate portrait of adolescence a book I wish I had had when I was 14.

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