Trotsky: A Graphic Biography ePUB ☆ Trotsky: A

Trotsky: A Graphic Biography ePUB ☆ Trotsky: A Trotsky was a hero to some, a ruthless demon to others To Stalin, he was such a threat that he warranted murder by pickax This polarizing figure set up a world conflict that lasted through the twentieth century, and in Trotsky A Graphic Biography, the renowned comic artist Rick Geary uses his distinct style to depict the stark reality of the man and his times Trotsky s life becomes a guide to the creation of the Soviet Union, the horrors of World War I, and the establishment of international communism as he, Lenin, and their fellow Bolsheviks rise from persecution and a life underground to the height of political power Ranging from his boyhood in the Ukraine to his fallout with Stalin and his moonlight romance with Frida Kahlo, Trotsky is a stunning look at one of the twentieth century s most important thinkers and the far reaching political trends that he launched

10 thoughts on “Trotsky: A Graphic Biography

  1. Diane Diane says:

    What an interesting look at Leon Trotsky this is I ll admit I didn t remember much about Trotsky from world history class, so I thought this was a fascinating graphic biography.This was the second Rick Geary book I ve read lately the other being his graphic

  2. Michael Michael says:

    Not quite as good as his history of famous murders series, but Geary s a great historian using the comics format He could ve gone into greater depth, and politically he leaves much to the imagination, but he really covers all the bases and presents a solid,

  3. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    Excellent introduction to this important thinkerRick Geary is at the top of his form.

  4. Nicola Mansfield Nicola Mansfield says:

    Rick Geary is probably my favourite graphic artist I just love his style of detailed b w drawings and the use of lines to fill in space I d read anything he illustrated but fortunately I have an interest in Communist Russia and the evils of communism in genera

  5. Dov Zeller Dov Zeller says:

    I like Rick Geary s style and his presentation of historical figures and events in graphic form, always verging on caricature, always at least mildly, darkly humorous, and yet compassionate or at the very least appreciative of the unique intellectual and emotio

  6. Artguy Artguy says:

    Now I know I had always gotten my Russian Revolution leaders mixed up NoAfter reading this book, it is all fixed firmly in my mind Trotsky was not exactly a sympathetic leader, but compared to Lenin and Stalin, and even the Tsar, he wasprogressive and fair The a

  7. Ashlea Ashlea says:

    I love historically driven graphic novels It is an amazing way to orient the reader to history as many of them involve maps and geographic context As I read this I could tell the author spent a great deal of time and dedication to the graphics and historical acco

  8. Rachelfm Rachelfm says:

    Intricate art and nice contextualization of complex concepts e.g the Bolsheviks vs the Mensheviks.

  9. CRM CRM says:

    I enjoyed this graphic biography but just wished there was eveninformation Fascinating I guess I have to read a full book biography of Trotsky.

  10. wildct2003 wildct2003 says:

    Amazed by the effort and amount of travel done by this person Felt exhausted after reading it.

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