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Twins for the Soldier Epub Ý Twins for  Epub / He came home for a mission Will he end up with a familyArmy ranger Lee Remington didn t think he d ever go back to Wickham Falls, home of some of his worst memories Now, returning home to help his sister, he s shocked by a powerful attraction to military widow Angela Mitchell and floored by this mother of toddler twins, who accepts his proposal But as he preps for his ready made family, there s one thing Lee forgot to tell her

10 thoughts on “Twins for the Soldier

  1. Erika Erika says:

    Hated itFirst I have to say that the book is well written However I hated the content making it impossible to give a higher mark First thing first This is the 21st century and the idea that someone with children will marry a friend they haven

  2. Alice Alice says:

    This is the second Wickham Falls story and now I am a fan Small town living provides the residents a village to raise children and nurture each other and it also allows for everyone to know everyone s business as well Such was the case with the reputat

  3. Dj Dj says:

    He came home for a mission Will he end up with a family Army ranger Lee Remington didn t think he d ever go back to Wickham Falls, home of some of his worst memories, losing his mother and losing his father to drugs and prison in addition to his families less t

  4. Ash Ash says:

    Disclaimer I LOVE Rochelle Alers and Ive read others in the series and I enjoyed them as well.But Idk what this book was doing Romances like this are unrealistic as far as timelines are concerned but you know that ahead of time I dont know how I feel about a widow marry

  5. Mikka Mikka says:

    Not her bestThis book is not the best from this author, the story jumps all over the place, and the timeline doesn t seem to make sense The romance itself is rushed and not very well developed And just overall I don t think this is a very good book I would not recommend it to an

  6. Renae Renae says:

    Light and breezy, but this book really needs some oomph There is no interpersonal conflict between the main characters, and any issues they have family skeletons, career goals, finances, etc are resolved in such a cheery way that they make Hallmark movies look angsty Otherwise, though, t

  7. Celeste Celeste says:

    Second chance at loveLeland and Angela , you always want to be able to recapture what you once held so dear In this story you get to see a ranger Leland return home to help family Vivian only to discover his opportunity to reveal his love for a woman Angela who he felt was lose to him forever.

  8. Phillip W Phillip W says:

    Good ReadJust the right touch of romance within the context of a love story I very much appreciate the balance between a good storyline, character development, and intrigue sprinkled with romance Rochelle never fails to develop a great story , warm characters, believable characters and a wonderful setting

  9. Antionette Antionette says:

    Soldier loveLove the storyline, the characters were so charming If you are looking for a heartwarming book then you need this book in your life This book is filled with the ups and downs of life including mother in law problems Loved it.


    I book was outstanding and it got me on hold wanting to find out about what s going to happen with Vivi and Nate Love story and is lee daddy on drugs again or not I really hope Vivi get her identity back from the x boyfriend.

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