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Under Duress  Kindle Õ Under Duress  Kindle - FAMILY ON THE RUN Criminals Are Trying To Kidnap Attorney Samantha Callahan S Adopted Daughter, Lily And She Has No Idea Why So When Bullets Start Flying, Samantha And Lily Speed Off In Her Car And Crash Right Into Help Ex Cop Reid Palmer Is Shocked When Former Law School Classmate Samantha Rear Ends His Car And Then Climbs In With Her Daughter And Begs Him To Drive Now They Are On The Run, And Reid Will Do Anything To Protect Them And Figure Out Why Kidnappers Are After Lily As They Struggle To Evade Capture, Reid Begins To Realize That Samantha Is To Him Than Just A Woman In Trouble But With The Enemies Closing In And Their Motives Finally Revealed, Will Reid Be Able To Make Sure Justice Is Served

10 thoughts on “Under Duress

  1. Cheryl Baranski Cheryl Baranski says:

    Under Duress by Meghan Carver is a Love Inspired Suspense book This story is packed with action, twists, turns and unexpected happenings I love the faith and devotion in this story A great book for those that love su...

  2. Martha Martha says:

    Quick, fast moving and short suspense novel that will keep you reading It has a light romantic thread, but the focus of the story is really the suspense of the story It was a fun and quick read when you want something light and entertaining.

  3. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    What an exciting debut novel Can t wait to readfrom this talented new author

  4. Kelly Bridgewater Kelly Bridgewater says:

    My friend, Meghan Carver, had published her first book with the Love Inspired Suspense book line I have read a number of these short books, so I know what to accept I accept that a couple that will meet within the first chapter, overcome some struggles, and fall in love by the end of the book Carver s book, Under Duress, accomplishes just that The tension starts on th

  5. Kav Kav says:

    An apt title because Reid and Samantha are under duress the entire book The cat and mouse chase just doesn t let up and they can t figure out why How are they being tracked And what do the criminals want No matter what they do they are never safe for long I was a nervous wreck on their behalf by the end of the story Luckily Samantha is made of sterner stuff though she does

  6. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    This is a solid debut from Carver, courtesy of LIS Killer Voices contest The characters remind the reader that no one has a flawless past, but there are always second chances with God As their safety is in jeopardy and danger increases, there is an appropr...

  7. Gayle Adams Gayle Adams says:

    Suspense and action from the first page If you like Harlequin suspense, you will love this read

  8. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    received 4 stars RT Book Reviews

  9. Leslie M. Leslie M. says:

    You can read my review in the February 2016 issue of RT Bookreviews Magazine.

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