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Under the Sheik's Protection PDF Ù Under the  Epub / A sexy sheik finds forbidden love in CJ Miller s tale of international intrigueAfter an uncharacteristic night of passion, event coordinator Sarah Parker learns her mystery lover is Sheik Saafir, her new client and the target of an assassination plot But the darkly handsome royal has an appeal the sensible Sarah can t ignore, even when she s caught in the cross fireHonor bound, Saafir has agreed to an arranged marriage to unite the feuding factions in his country and then he kisses the surprising American Now, dodging bullets is nowhere near as dangerous as the attraction that puts his sense of duty at war with his heart But can he walk away from Sarah even to save his life and hers

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  1. Pam Pam says:

    Under the Sheik s Protection is a romantic suspense by C.J Miller This is one of the books about Qamsar and its leaders Sarah Parker just received her divorce papers Finally her marriage with Alec was over and she could begin anew Everyone involved knew that Alec was to have no contact with her and that she was finished enabling him He was now in a rehab selected

  2. Amelia Amelia says:

    Sometimes an obligation is the reason a person takes a certain action, even when there is another path they actually want to follow Since the hero was born into a family that rules a desert Middle Eastern country and he is its new emir, he is duty bound to follow the rules of Qamsar Yet when a chance encounter has him meeting a woman whom he cannot forget, his min

  3. Ash Ash says:

    Great action and romance

  4. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Well thought out and laden with conflict, tension and incredible intrigue, this story is one stellar read RT Book Reviews 4 1 2 stars

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