Undercover Bodyguard MOBI Ê Paperback

Undercover Bodyguard MOBI Ê Paperback Bakery owner Shelby Simons can t deny a stalker is after her Still, knowing she s at risk is one thing Admitting she needs a bodyguard is quite another Especially when the bodyguard is Ryder Malone The former SEAL is too big, too tough and way too attractive Yet Ryder won t take no for an answer If she can t find a place for him in her life, he ll make one, working undercover to protect Shelby and find her attacker But as Ryder and Shelby get closer to answers and each other the killer starts closing in

10 thoughts on “Undercover Bodyguard

  1. Ash Ash says:

    2.5 starsWas boring No explanation for murders was given Heroine kept on pushing the hero away and then suddenly she is saying I love u to him.

  2. Susan Snodgrass Susan Snodgrass says:

    Yet another wonderful suspense novel from the pen of Shirlee McCoy She is incredibly talented at this genre and I am on a mission to read all her books She has over 50, so I am in for a treat, as I only discovered her this year She creates such wonderful characters, swoon worthy heroes and includes a powerful spiritual dynamic I am a forever fan.

  3. Paula Legate Paula Legate says:

    I loved the story line, and all the charactors in this book Shelby is very independent, working hard at her bakery She does not want to depend on Ryder to protect her She does not want to fall for him She had some bad relationships before, and is content to stay single As the threats against her heats up, so is the growing emotion she feels for Ryder She tries to run from

  4. June June says:

    Love anything by Shirlee McCoy She keeps the story interesting from word one And most of the stuff I ve read is series stuff so even when the story ends it s not really over, you get to revisit the characters again in the next book or two or three I liked the way this story flowed, how the relationship came to be so naturally over time Three Forever.

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    Actual rating is 2.5 stars Shelby Simon s runs her own business, a bakery that is popular with most town s people It s not uncommon to see her walking to make a delivery when her 1958 Cadillac decides it doesn t want to start But she wouldn t give away old Blue the car is pink and plans to run it into the ground because it was her grandmother s who she loved very much So that s ex

  6. Annie Annie says:

    There was so much to love about this book This is my first time reading a book by this author I know I skipped the first 5 of the series, my library didn t have them and I was so pleased The story line was suspenseful but it was the characters that got to me In many of the Christian Romance books the romance has just fallen flat for me There never seems to be a spark or a real desire

  7. Tawnya Tawnya says:

    This has by far been my favorite book in this series I fell in love with the characters Ryder was a breath of fresh air Even though he had been through a relationship that didnt and well he wasnt wary of falling in love He didnt fight it He didnt expect it but he went for it He was patient, strong, understanding and truly cared for Shelby You could feel it in the way he interacted with he

  8. Irene Irene says:

    2.5 stars Too much repetition harboring over Shelby s feelings, got old real quick Started to skim forward to not have to reread it all over again Neededtelling into the story, Not enough written into the plot No final explanation given with the guilty innocent people Take note it was a romance not a mystery novel.

  9. Julynn Julynn says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book

  10. Necee Necee says:

    Love this book, series author Love this book, series author

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