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Unexpected Gifts PDF Ê Paperback I think this is book is well written and very informative on teen pregnancy and the lack of assistance foor the kids from school systems The twist where the teacher has a non planned pregnancy and how it affects her life and her students is very smart writing The story doesn t revolve just around the holidays so it is a good read for those not ready for Christmas stories yet I read this 200 book in around 3 hours or so It keeps you interested. Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and KritiquesFamilies don t always match on the outside, but they matched on the inside, and that s all that counts And that s what family means to me Eli Cartright is a teacher who specializes in working with teenage parents, helping them to find alternatives so they can raise their children and finish school She is than a teacher however, she is a mentor to many of these students coming through her classroom, providing the support they aren t receiving from their own parents Eli has the perfect life with a fulfilling career and a good boyfriend She has the rest of her life all planned out until a few Unexpected Gifts come her way In her 40s, Eli is about to become a mother for the first time, quite unplanned Her boyfriend has no room in his life for a baby so he leaves her to deal with raising a child on her own Fortunately for her, she has wonderful parents and friends, as well as a business associate, Zac Keller, who has a soft spot for Eli, and the kids in her program He grew up in a family with stronger ties than blood so he knows that often the Unexpected Gifts, are the most wonderful blessings of all if only he can convince Eli he is here to stay.Holly Jacobs has written yet another wonderful story in Unexpected Gifts After so many books where Holly Jacobs has endeavored to make us laugh, it is a change in direction for her to now want to make us cry in an oh so good way, as she s had a few books now serious in tone, but this is a change that works incredibly well for her Family is often a theme explored, with various analogies, in Holly s books and this is one of my favorites yet for how she defines a family It doesn t matter if a family matches on the outside, only that they match on the inside, as Zac s sister Cessy explains in an essay she writes I shed many tears in that particular scene There is one other scene as well, later in the book that was made me cry over the significance and poignancy of the moment We know in that scene, just how deeply Zac cares for Eli and her unborn baby.I enjoyed the irony we experience alongside of Eli, who has helped teens deal with unplanned for pregnancies, only to find herself in the same situation Eli has a boyfriend who can t make up his mind if he wants to be there for her and the baby or not, and has to prepare to be a single mother at a time in her life she never expected this to happen When Zac steps in to help Eli, she doubts their relationship initially but Zac is crazy about Eli and her baby, and is determined to prove to her he is here to stay Their relationship is at times tender, humorous, or difficult, and we never doubt for a moment these two are perfect for one another, complementing each other s strengths and weaknesses.I loved my visit with Eli and Zac, and all of the Keller clan in Unexpected Gifts I hope we can look forward to stories about this charming family Kelley A Hartsell, November 2009 All rights reserved. Holly Jacobs novel entitled Unexpected Gifts is an interesting romance Elinore Cartwright, or Eli, teaches pregnant teens how to care for themselves and their babies at the local high school in western Pennsylvania Eli s their advocate in much than school matters She s a caring individual She s older, 44, single, but has a boyfriend, Arthur When Eli finds herself pregnant, she s scared just like the teens she teaches When she tells Arthur, whom she s been dating for five years, she discovers he doesn t want the child.Eli started a program whereby local businesses hire her pregnant teen students, offering secure but caring work experience for the girls Zac Keller runs Keller s Market and hires one of Eli s girls Zac has liked Eli since they ve been working together on this local business program to hire pregnant teens.As a writer, I like how Jacobs lays the groundwork in this romance She created fully formed characters, each with detailed pasts needed to make the plot believable Both Eli and Zac must deal with real emotional changes in their lives I don t wish to give too much away, but Holly Jacobs Unexpected Gifts is a delightful read. A charming story filled with life truths A forty something single teacher finds out she is pregnant When she tells her boyfriend of five years, he dumps her Ironically, she teaches unmarried pregnant high school girls This is their story. This was a very touching story of finding love in unexpected places, and discovering parts of yourself that you never knew existed I very much enjoyed it and it s very highly recommended Wonderful story I love all of Holly Jacobs books This one brought tears many times The idea that you don t all have to be the same to be a family is something worthy of discussion Excellent read Life happensand then life really happens Teacher Eli Cartwright has it all figured out the career, the reliable boyfriend and the next few dependable decades Yet life has quite a sense of humor, it seems, since her perfectly ordered existence has been completely upended because Eli is counseling pregnant teens but now with an unplanned pregnancy of her own Suddenly Eli is single, terrifiedand exuberant And her colleague, Zac Keller, has never beenattracted to her But can he convince Eli that life sometimes offersthan one unexpected gift at a time

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