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Wanted: Mail-Order Mistress PDF/EPUB ☆ Wanted: Betrayed by his first wife, Simon Grimshaw won t marry again But sultry nights in Singapore can be lonely nothing a beautiful English mistress wouldn t fix Bethan Conway answers an advert to become a wife, believing it will help her secret search for her missing brother But Simon isn t the ugly old man she was expecting He s a hot blooded bachelor who wants a woman in his bed a position Bethan s and tempted to fill

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  1. Tarsis Tarsis says:

    Me encanta la forma de escribir de sta autora Simon ha perdido la fe en las mujeres, cada vez que elige ayudar a una o confiar en ellas, le traicionan Por eso, el matrimonio no entra entre sus palabras favoritas, pero sigue siendo un hombre con necesidades, por lo mismo manda a traer a una mujer dispuesta a ser su amante desde Inglaterra Bethan acep

  2. Desi Desi says:

    le do en Oct 2012

  3. Lady Jaye Lady Jaye says:

    I borrowed this book because the title suggested a very interesting story I mean, I ve read stories about mai order brides, but never one about mail order mistresses, or the reasons why anyone would want a mail order mistress to be one Unfortunately, I was not enad of the story that enfolded In a nutshell, the story is mostly one whole big misunderstanding She thinks

  4. La Bruja Lectora (Tata) La Bruja Lectora (Tata) says:

    Es una bonita historia Bethan es una chica soltera que va en busca de su hermano una tierra hostil, para poder hacerlo acepta un anuncio de matrimonio, o ella piensa que es de matrimonio, pues Sim n Grimshaw lo que menos quiere es una esposa, una amante lo que busca para calentar su cama por las noches, Bethan choca con esta terrible confusi n al llegar a la mansi n Grimshaw

  5. Sara Hubbard Sara Hubbard says:

    Wanted Mail Order Mistress is the story about Beth Conway, a young Welsh woman who responds to a want ad for a man in Singapore who seeks a mistress Unfortunately, Beth s English is imperfect, and she agrees to the union while under the assumption that the bachelor is seeking a bride But, our heroine has another hidden motive for accepting her brother is missing, and Singapore was his

  6. Donna Alward Donna Alward says:

    Hale s latest is a lovely historical in an unusual setting Singapore It s a wonderful story and the last of her Gentlemen of Fortune miniseries The best part for me The utterly gorgeous use of sensory detail When the heroine arrives, the reader arrives with her and experiences all of the firsts the scents, sounds and tastes of an exotic, foreign land It made for an enchanting read that was jus

  7. Tim Covell Tim Covell says:

    A misunderstanding that persists for half the book makes for great tension I enjoyed the unusual and exotic locale, which was well described though I suspect our characters areprogressive than many Europeans would have been at the time No big surprises, but some pleasant twists Bethan oscillates between naivet and suspicion, but she s twice a fish out of water, so that s understandable.

  8. Renate Williams Renate Williams says:

    How could Bethan not read the advert correctly maybe to scared or to dumb founded, I enjoyed that Simon was definitely surprised hi hi, How the game was played was fun to read A lovely book for our love addicted readers not to missed

  9. Audrey Audrey says:

    I have mix feelings both this one.I love how it took place in Singapore and I could really feel their emotions but I have a slight problem with Bethan and her personality.Overall, good read and it took me back to Singapore and could relate to many of its terms.

  10. Gail Gail says:

    Good historical info on Singapore I liked watching the character Simon change throughout the book The play on words was interesting I can t say which words because it would spoil the story.

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