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Will You Carry Me? Epub ß Will You  Epub / What do you get when you combine a too tired toddler and a creative mom The solution is familiar to parents the world over My two year old loved this one This was the first time in a long time that a new book held her attention. I bought this book about ten years ago before I became a mommy, or even knew that I was becoming a mommy because I saw the artwork featured in an exhibition of children s book illustrations I wasn t disappointed in the story then in fact, I donated the book to the library where I was working as a children s librarian Fast forward ten years, and my own son picked this book out on his own from another library And it is still good. A fun book about how a mother creatively gets her tired son to walk home all the way from the park Thomas has had a full day of playing at the park and when it s time to go home he asks his mom to carry him She plays a series of games that include jumping, swimming , and flying home And before he knows it, tired Thomas is home.Great illustrations. I have absolutely loved this book since I was young I haven t seen it in forever and the other day it was donated to the library so I read it again Still as cute and fun as it used to be If you have little kids I recommend this book.

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