10 thoughts on “Zane: The Wild One

  1. Nova Nova says:

    This is Book 1 of Goodwin Siblings This is the story of Zane and Julia Zane is the proverbial bad boy He has always dreaded returning to his hometown He dreads the whispered comments, the looks of disapproval He usually moves on once it gets under his skin Julia is known as the goodie two shoes in town She dislikes this reputation She sees Zane and all the attraction she once held fo

  2. Kay Kay says:

    There s something about the bad boy who feels he has to prove himself that is so appealing Returning to his hometown is something Zane always dreads, the disapproving looks and the whispered comments only make him itch to move on again Julia s also got a rep in the town that she d love to shed, that of the goody two shoes, a girl who d never give the likes of Zane the time of day Hah With th

  3. LastBreath LastBreath says:

    The beginning is great So is the setting, plot and characters Each clearly defined and easily recognisable Yet I couldn t quite engage with the characters as a romance.

  4. Lauri Lauri says:

    Nice of predictable.

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